• November 19th “I’m Thankful for Whiskey and Pork” WhistlePig’s Tail to Snout dinner: A hand raised pig given to us by WhistlePig Distillers from Cornwall Vt will be the main focus for a four course Tail to Snout dinner paired with Saloon signature Cocktails featuring WhistlePig rye. $55 per person, all inclusive. Reservations are to be taken at
  • January 14th Mezcal,The White Brown Spirit: Sit and sip the elegance of Tequila’s great, great grandfather as you would great Scotch Whisky… neat. Mezcal has become a staple at both Foundry and Saloon since their birth. It is fast becoming one of the most important spirits for the cities best bartenders and creates the most dynamic and complex cocktails out there. This night it will shine alone with Chef Derek Cloughs memories of the taco trucks during his time at Bouchon in Napa. Featuring the Espadin varietal of the maguey plant along with the wild Tobala and the ever enchanting Pechuga, these are some of the best spirits ever created. No lime, no licking the salt, just the complex, artistic expression of tradition and love. $45 per person, all inclusive