Part Two: Whats in a Name?

So what’s in my glass right now? Right now I am sipping WhistlePig Straight Rye. This has become one of the hottest whiskies on the market. It was pictured in GQ magazine back in April right next to a little blurb about Saloon featured as one of the top 10 whiskey bars in the country. Not bad for our little Mickey Mouse operation. Raj Peter Bahkta (former Apprentice star and Pennsylvania politician) teamed up with Dave Pickerell (former master distiller of Maker’s Mark) to create an extremely well balanced and complex whiskey. The rye comes through with such a spicy elegance. The woodier notes (aged for 10 yrs used Bourbon Barrels) are present but soft.The grain offers up a drier aromatic. There are notes of fresh cut grass, granny smith apples and orange peel. You can pick up some of the broader bourbon like structure aromatically from David’s corn-based history but the spice is all rye. Actually 100%.

imageAnd why WhistlePig? Well, here’s a paraphrase. A whistle-pig is really another name for a ground-hog. One day Raj was hiking through the Rockies when a nutty Frenchman was screaming “LOOK! It’s a whistle pig. Do you see him? A whistle pig!” Now I can’t remember the story word for word but as I mentioned earlier, is it really important?